Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions for SUBCARD® loyalty programme, where we hope to have all your queries covered below.

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Where do I get a SUBCARD®?

I'm trying to log in but my Card Number / Access Code is not working.

What are Reward Dollars and how many do I earn?

What can I redeem my SUBCARD® on?

Does my SUBCARD® Reward Dollars and SUBCARD® Balance expire?

How do I know what my Reward/SUBCARD® Balance is?

I don’t have a virtual card, do I have to activate my traditional SUBCARD® card?

What happens if my traditional card or my mobile phone containing my virtual card is lost or stolen?

How do I transfer balances from more than one card onto a single card?

I didn't have my card or mobile at time of purchase or there was a problem with my card or mobile, can I still get my Reward Dollars?

What kind of mobile phone do I need in order to use the Subway® App and the virtual card?

How do I use the virtual card?

Do I need to get a traditional SUBCARD® before I can use the virtual card?

Can I keep my traditional SUBCARD® as well as a virtual card?

Can I earn Rewards Dollars or load credit on my traditional SUBCARD®, and redeem it using the virtual card?

What are the other benefits of the Subway® App?

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